2D & 3D Concept Art

Our artists employ digital and traditional methods to create character, location, and action illustrations to bring a basic idea to life. These basic illustrations are carefully refined over iterations with input from the customer to reach a final product, and can be used to create 3D models and assets.

3D Modeling and Animation

Our modelers create base meshes, rigs, and animations of characters, environments, and other assets for use in video games.

Concepting and Content Development

Our writers create game storylines, background lore, and questing descriptions for games, filling the details around basic outlines created by our customers.

Storyboards and Comics

Our illustrators create sequence frames for planning cutscenes or character actions to be used in other gaming media such as animation or video.

Social Aspects of Gaming

Our developers create websites, forums, and other interactive media to allow our customers to communicate with and advertise directly to their clients.

Writing and Editing

Our writers draft stories and articles which tie in with our clients games, expanding the game world, relating news to customers, and providing additional content for community sites. Our editors make certain that all articles and writing, whether produced by our writers or by our clients, are free of errors and ready for publication.

Project Management

Our managers organize art and game development from concept to publish, keeping projects on time and on budget.

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