About Drunken Alien Studios

Anthony Pileri

Super Villain

Anthony Pileri holds a degree in Physics, ten years experience in the field of Finance, and diverse interests ranging from Engineering to Art to Philosophy to Gaming. After heading an international team dealing with complex cash processes for a Fortune 500 company, he took up a 'hobby' in 3D computer modeling, eventually returning to school to turn his fascination into a new career. Tony approaches every project with the careful eye of a studied engineer and the delight of a scientist making new discoveries, while maintaining a grounding built from years of experience in project management and customer relations.

Crystal Odenkirk

The Cleaner

Crystal was THAT child. You know, the one who took her toys apart to see how they worked and then took pieces from different toys and put them back together to create something new. These days her toys are disciplines and media, not Legos and GI Joes, but she has never outgrown the need to rip things apart to see what makes them tick and then combine them in ways they were never meant to be used. She laid out her first newspaper over twenty years ago, and brought her traditional design skills to web design in the late nineties and later to web application programming and digital user interface engineering. Throughout that time, she’s been involved with community creation and management, which puts her in the position to know what tools community members and leaders need and also to know how to build those tools.

Nick Seppi

The Librarian

Nicolaus Seppi has spent the majority of his life immersed in every form of creativity. When he was a child he used Legos to build and rebuild anything he could imagine. Painting, drawing, sculpture, and writing. Since his childhood he has done it all. Growing up on a farm, and with a Studio Art degree from San Francisco State, he has a unique eye when it comes to creativity. His time serving on the Fire Department has taught him how to deal with people, especially in hectic situations. This permits him a bit of serenity in whatever chaos might transpire.

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